Stockholm to Nuremberg

I had an evening flight out of stockholm, which gave me the morning to wander a tiny bit more. I went to the acne outlet, where they not only sell stuff from the stores at cheaper prices but also redesign old pieces to make unique bits that you can only get at this one tiny shop in Stockholm, of course there were many gorgeous things there, many of which were leather and fur and completely impractical for an LA girl, but I had a blast trying things on. Next I went to the Stockholm state museum, which has a tour focusing on " the girl with the dragon tattoo". I didn't do the tour but bought the map, since I've been reading it during my time in Stockholm, I thought it would be fun to see where all the action takes place. Sitting at a bar at Arlanda airport now, I have an hour til my flight and I'm just killing time, I guess I should pop by duty free and kill the last of my "crowns", perhaps I will load up on schnapps for our Christmas celebration.