Stockholm day 3 - the walking adventure

I must have walked 20 miles today, all over the city. The day began with a visit to skansen, the world's largest living museum, basically the museum owners bought old buildings from all over Sweden then recreated the world of the time the building was built. It was very cool and informative, I learned about the julbord (Xmas feast) that would have been eaten at a farm house in the 1700 and what workmen from the 1920's would have for their holiday meal. Then I spoke with craftsmen about their various trades, I found it all very fascinating. Afterwards I went to the royal palace and toured the state and guest apartments, then went to the armory to see costumes and carriages from previous and current royalty. I'm completely fascinated with queen Christina from the 1600s, it seems she lived a very vibrant life. Afterwards i grabbed a late lunch next to a Christmas market, I shared a window table with my new friend, Gustav, he told me all about his hometown (Stockholm) and even gave me a walking tour of the area. I ended the night with a tour of the Nobel prize museum, which wasn't that good... But that was okay, because I was ready to head back to the hotel and curl up to a bottle of Christmas beer...and after I publish this entry I will go to the lobby and grab a cup of glogg and gingerbread (unlike the German gluwien, the swedes put almonds and raisins in their glogg).

Ps. The Santa windows at the NK dept store are so incredible that I had to photograph them, while I was standing in front of them, 4 different groups of students came by with their teachers to admire the windows as well.