Prague day 1

My first impression of Prague (keep in mind that I was In the design-oriented world of Stockholm yesterday), was that it was a borderline chaotic 3rd world country.... After my mother and I checked into our botel.... As in boat/hotel ( yes it's a repurposed yacht) and we were able to get our bearings things started to look up. We walked from the Prague castle past st. Vitus cathedral, over the Charles bridge into the old town where we grabbed a bite of goulash In a locals' tavern(it had pretzels on the table... Which we didn't touch because we were warned we'd be charged) and were soon joined by a group of singers who were performing that night in one of the churches. It ended up being a lovely dinner and although we were invited to watch the show, we declined in order to check out more of the city. Later that night we found ourselves in the old town, moments before the astronomical clock chimed, and everyone in the square paused to watch the show. After which I grabbed a gingerbread star (about the size of a muffin) then found a nice hot cup of mulled wine to warm up to. If it hadn't been pouring rain on and off the night would have been perfect.