Christmas in San Francisco

A last second work trip to San Francisco, allowed for the perfect excuse to visit one of my favorite cities, fully decked out for the upcoming holidays. 

A stop at Union Square's Ice Rink had me craving hot chocolate.  And the decorations at Macy's and Barney's across the street almost lured me in to shop, shop, shop.  Luckily all my gifts have been shipped and are currently enroute to my beloveds.   

A stop at the de Young in Golden Gate Park, was the perfect place to hide from the rain.  Especially since my biggest reason for agreeing to travel to SF (besides my job) was to catch the Keith Haring exhibit before it closes in February. The exhibit was everything I hoped it would be and more.   

My last stop before Lyfting it to the airport was a quick lunch in Japantown, where I feasted on a bowl of Unagi-don and stopped by my favorite little hand-made, rice ball stand in the shopping center for perfect airplane snacks.  

24 hours in San Francisco, what could be more perfect?