Zihuatanejo markets

Zihua's markets captured our attention the same way the medina of Fez or the hawker marts in Thailand do.  Full of color, scents, and general vibrancy, to visit is to feel the pulse of a community.   A little dodgy, but always worth it.  Every corner had a picturesque moment that I wanted to capture.
The best find in all of Zihua, was this little Taqueria, open from 3pm - 3am with 5 tacos for $1.50, we spent hours dreaming of our little taco stand after we found ourselves in Mexico City.
Breakfast at a local stand, proved to be quite the adventure.  These chilaquiles were some of the best I've ever had, at for 40 pesos, definitely a great deal.
She carried a basket filled with snacks that she hawked along the seashore.   
Mini bananas are some of my most favorite, this stand had many of them.  I wish I had a blender,  as we could have made fruity drinks for eternity.
Dried meat in a butch stand and mini brass band.

Loved the pinball games.