The Journey Begins - Los Angeles to Buenos Aires

The flight from LAX to Buenos Aires was long and peppered with a few too many layovers.  But a breakfast of a solid cafe con leche and medianoche from the Cuban restaurant at the Miami airport combined with a nearly empty flight to South America definitely worked as perfect salves for what could be a long and painful start to an adventure. I believe the journey is the true destination of the overall adventure, and this trip is no exception, the only hotel I have booked for the next week is for tonight and that's only because I land in BA at 9:30pm.   The rest of the week is up in the air.  I've been planning this trip for almost a full year, yet other than a trekking adventure in Patagonia and the Antarctic cruise, I hadn't bothered with the actual details.  Sure I have solid professional excuses: I was producing an indie film right up to the moment I left, I was producing events for my company a week before I left, and I was hustling work for the new year the day before I left...all of which are true but holy cow, I can't believe I made it to the airport fully packed with no idea where I'd be for the next 5 days.   Ok confession, I totally ran out of time and had to read all my paperwork, tour guide books and learn how to use my new camera on the plane... after a very solid four hour nap, that is (I was so knackered from all those last minute jobs).  So now, here I am in Buenos Aires and tomorrow I'll figure out where I'm going next.  Yay!  Adventure!

If I have to do an early morning layover, Miami is my favorite place to do it.  Just for the Cuban coffee....and the potato balls, oh and the pastries.  I love the pastries.

I don't know why I find the term "Handies" funny, but I do.  Which is why I took this photo while waiting in line for Passport Control in BA.