Sunday in Buenos Aires

Since it's Sunday, I've decided to take it easy.  I wandered to San Telmo for the big Sunday market then to Palermo for some breakfast at a cafe then to the Eva Peron museum.  While drinking coffee I discovered an entry in my tour book for Tierra Santa, a tacky religious theme park, where Christ is resurrected every 30 mins.   Well this sounded too amazing to pass up, I had to go.  When I mentioned it to the docent at the Eva Peron museum she told me it was not something I should visit.  I said, "I hear it's weird...I like weird."  She said, "it is weird and also awful."   So I found a driver to get me there.  We showed up at 2pm and apparently it doesn't open until 4....and it's horribly far away from anything except a fishing dock and a water park.  I found a nice restaurant and decided to hang out there.   Gardiner is the type of place that families go for brunch or special occasions.  The waiters are all older men who wear uniforms, like at Musso and Franks, and created a career in restaurant services.  They were also the kindest waiters I had encountered anywhere in BA.  I would recommend this place for the amazing service...but also for the yummy Dulce de leche molten lava cake...scrumptious perfection.   

Now back to Tierra Santa...which had opened and had attracted a line of devout theme park fans.   I'm really not sure what I expected but the $8 entrance fee was worth quelling my curiosity.  Tacky doesn't begin to describe it all.  There was a giant Jesus with light up heart for family photo ops, graphic sculptural representations of the stations of the cross, a faux wailing wall, and belly dancer costumes for sale amongst cheaply made angels and crosses.   And yes, Jesus is resurrected on an hourly bases...I didn't stay for it because the park made me a little depressed and empty feeling.  So I headed back to my hotel to a bottle of wine (you know, Jesus Juice).  Then went out to find a good parrilla (steak) restaurant...because I had earned it.  

The Casa Rosada, where Eva Peron addressed her people....I don't believe she actually sang, "Don't Cry for me Argentina," but Madonna did....which was my main reference for everything Evita, until I went to her museum.   Up the street, about a block away from here you will find  the start of the San Telmo market.

Mate is everywhere in Argentina (in Uruguay too!) and you can purchase a leather, gourd, silicon, pottery or plastic Mate vessel on every block in Buenos Aires.

Tierra Santa's most incredible photo op....Giant Jesus.