El Fin Del Mundo - Ushuaia, Argentina

The day has finally come and I was so excited to get going on my voyage to Antarctica, I could hardly sleep!  Well, that and the fact that I was out until 1am, then there was a miscommunication and the front desk started calling my room non-stop at 3am until I yanked the phone out of the wall...which meant they came to my door, but it was easier to sort once the phone stopped ringing.  Anyhow, I managed to leave Buenos Aires on time and did not miss my flight.  Along the way, I even started to make friends with a few of my shipmates.  Before boarding the boat, we had a few hours in Ushuaia, Argentina.  I had a recommendation for a coffeeshop: Ramos Generales, which turned out to be the perfect place to hang out.  Ushuaia is an adorable village, situated between the Beagle Channel and a series of mountains and glaciers, it almost reminds me of a Swiss town.  Very cute and extremely touristy.  And since, I had scheduled a night in Ushuaia after Antarctica, I figured I could explore the town then.  For now, I was happy at a little coffeeshop, where I could do everything possible not to fall asleep....I think all my adventuring (or maybe just a late night) has caught up with me.   

Should you find yourself in Ushuaia, make sure you stop at Ramos Generales, it is a former general store, and has held on to the old school look.  There is a museum of some sort attached, but it was never open while I was there.  Order a submarino: A hot milk drink that comes with a bar of chocolate to melt inside.  They also have cocktail versions of the drink, for when you are ready to graduate to the next level.

When I finally got onboard the ship, I was excited to see that my tiny stateroom wasn't too tiny and was completely livable.  And after a safety briefing, I began to meet some more of my shipmates.  By 11pm we had set sail and it was Goodbye Argentina and Hello Drake Passage.

Ushuaia, Argentina is the Southernmost part of South America, as seen from the Ocean Endeavor, my home for the next 9 days.