Road Trip in Ireland

A 10 day road trip in Ireland with three of my best friends?  This has to be the best idea ever.

Places visited: Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Ring of Kerry, Dingle, Galway and Clifden

Pro Tip: If you don't know how to drive a stick or you aren't super comfortable with it, make sure you reserve your rental car well in advance.  There are few automatic cars available in Ireland, but you shouldn't have any troubles if you make arrangements ahead of time.  


First stop in Dublin, the Guinness brewery.  It was the first of may brewery tours, those Irish really understand how to make a good beer.

We spent Easter Sunday at the races in Cork. 

Kilkenny was the most delightful town, like Salem, Mass., it has a history of witch hunts, and a castle that overlooks the village. 

The entrance to the Hole in the Wall, a speakeasy like bar with a great history and the loveliest owner. 

The entrance to the Ring of Kerry, where you must be on the lookout for goblins, leprechauns or giant lorry drivers, as all are a bit dangerous on the narrow roads.  

The Cliffs of Kerry

The thing about Ireland, is that everywhere you go there are ruins of castles and a history long gone.  

Houses in Galway

The road to Clifden is covered with rolling farmland and quaint stone cottages like this one.

While in Clifden we stayed in a haunted castle on the outskirts of town and would walk to the city centre for a proper pub crawl.  It's better to walk than to drive, because in Clifden, cars have a tendency to drive over the edge (see the warning sign above).

An overview of our journey.  It was an awesome one.