La Crosse, Wisconsin - Home Sweet Home

Eventually, we each manage to find ourselves back where we started, back home.  I last stepped foot in LaCrosse, Wisconsin 13 years ago.  It's a small place, population approximately 51,000.  Not much has changed.  Although a few of my old haunts (the movie theatre I worked at during high school) have been torn down.   It is strange to see a familiar place the way an outsider would.  Its comforting and disconcerting at the same time.  I was there less then 3 hours, but managed to wander many of my old paths.  Who knows when I'll be back, if ever.  I'm just grateful to have had one last day back home.

Fried Cheese curds, delicious and disgusting at the same time.  

A panoramic view from the top of Granddad's Bluff

The city sits across from Minnesota on the Mississippi River.  The best part of growing up on the Mississippi is that you will always know how to spell it.

A slice of downtown, if you squint you can see Jules Coffeeshop, which is where most of my misspent youth was spent.  The shop still smells the same as it did when I was in High School, and the locally owned bookshop next door is still one of the best places to browse for a good book.