Okinawa day 4

The market in Naha proved to be a delightful adventure.   One if the vendors filled is up with samples of various pickled salads, including: shark fin, pigs ear, squid, seaweed, baby garlic and jellyfish.   All were oishii!

I had never seen a blue lobster before, it made me want to rescue the two of them and set free in the ocean.   

After wandering around the markets, we picked up a quick snack at my favorite fast food place: mos burger.  They had rice buns with tempura vegetables and miso fish.   So tasty! It reminded me of the ramen burger from the US.  

We also split a Goya burger from Jef's. just to try.  It tasted like Goya champeru on a bun with cheese and sandwich meat.  I don't suggest going out of your way to order it unless you are under duress.