Meknes to Fez

Finding my way through Morocco is so much more interesting when reading fiction that takes place there. Currently reading a book called 'Lulu in Marrakech' by Diane Johnson, which has a life of its own when you can see, taste and smell all that the character is experiencing, and all on Christmas Eve... The timing couldn't be more perfect.
We left Casablanca early this morning and headed to Rabat (the capital) for a visit to the Royal Palace, from there we paid our respects to the late King Hassan II then off to Meknes for a visit to a gorgeous mosque... Im so enamored with all of the mosaics and gorgeous design. Somewhere along the line we hit a giant grocery store (one of the required stops in all my international visits) and then ended the day in Fez, where we wandered thru the medina until we found the loveliest former home / restaurant... Filled with musicians, belly dancers, and a few drummers. And yes, the men of Fez do wear Fezes. How great is that?