Madrid - a really long layover

I love Spain! The people are nice, the food is delicious, and the museums are open late. What's not to love?

I stopped over in Madrid this afternoon for a 20hour layover. Just enough time to see everything I wanted and more! After checking into my tiny airport hotel, I took the metro to the Prado. As I was walking towards the museum, I found another exhibit for Gauguin and had to stop! It was lovely! And I saw a few works by Kandinsky that I absolutely fell in love with. Who knew he spent so much time in Algiers working on landscapes? Finally off to the Prado, where I hunted down my favorite Durer self portrait, and my favorite Velazquez " the meninas". Such a great day. Outside the museum I found myself in the middle of a public protest. A nice lady named Isabel explained the whole thing to me, since I don't really speak Spanish, I only understood half. Oh well, it's not everyday you find yourself smack dab in the middle of all the excitement. After awhile I wandered off to grab some dinner at a neighborhood tapas bar. My waiter, circled all the sights on my friendly tourist map. He then circled where his house is located and told me I should meet him there after work. Ha!
Overall, great day.