The majority of my stay in Germany has been at my mother's home in the village of Aurach. One the quaintest places I've ever had the privilege to visit. The main street has a hair dresser, a butcher, a gasthaus (the food is delicious but the owner speaks only German and if you have questions you must use charades or hope another guest can translate), and a tiny bakery (where I go to pick up coffee and bread each day). The ladies who work at the bakery are 2 of the nicest people in town, and are extremely patient with my limited German. The rest of the town consists of a church, a bank, a pharmacy, and a bunch of stables and farms. I've really taken to hiking through the countryside as there are trails throughout the woods that lead hikers from town to town. Overlooking it all is a giant castle built in the 1300s and currently used for weddings and conferences and maybe yoga retreats (if the pictures on the website are any indication, although google translate mentions nothing about it). All in all, not a bad place to spend a holiday.
Today's discovery while hiking was the town wood pile, or at least where the local wood cutters store everyone's wood. Piles of wood are divided by families and street addresses, as well as by how much has been ordered. Some families have elaborate wood sheds and others, only a tarp. Some have chairs set out as a place to rest after hauling the logs and chopping them down to size.