German menus

My German may be improving, but my ability to read menus is still very elementary. I can only comprehend every 4th word, which explains why I'm always surprised by whatever I order. Take today for instance, mom and I had a lovely lunch at a local gasthaus, I ordered sausage boiled in wine, with pickled onions.... Lots of pickled onions, in fact that was the unexpected surprise, I didn't understand that part of the menu so I just ordered to see what would happen. The same for dessert, I understood gingerbread, orange zest, and chocolate.... Totally missed the part that I was ordering gingerbread ice cream with oranges and chocolate sauce on the side. Oh well, it was all very tasty and a lively surprise. The rest of the day was spent shopping at a market in Ansbach and pricing lederhosen ( just out of curiosity.... Honestly it's too expensive to buy for a mere whim). Tomorrow my brother and his family are coming to join us, but I have a lot of decorating to do before that.